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Absolutely has to done in Excel no exceptions


Here is the website to pull the info off (


To begin the course project, you will need to gather data to use in the Excel model. The data will come from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Economic Research. We are using this data to simulate the assets and liabilities of a hypothetical bank. Actual replication of a bank’s balance sheet entries would entail a great many more categories, and not all of this information is publicly available on a nonconsolidated basis. So, use of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data renders tractable the task of examining how interest-rate asset and liability relationships exert influence on optimizing strategies of financial intermediaries.

As a point of information, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is one of the 12 regional banks belonging to the Federal Reserve system.


·       Read Data Gathering Instructions for step-by-step instructions on building your spreadsheet.


·       Refer to the Dataload Example to ensure you have formatted your spreadsheet correctly.


Here is the website to pull the info off (


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