Memo and job analysis interview


You are being placed into a hypothetical scenario in which you are working as a Human Resource Manager at H & R Group, LLC, based out of Washington, DC.  H & R Group is a restaurant chain that employees staff for a variety of restaurants in the DC area. You received various assignments from the Human Resource Director in relation to increasing the performance of employees to be completed within the next few weeks. The goal is to increase performance in order for H & R Group to have the competitive edge over other restaurants in the area. 


You are working as a Human Resource Manager at H & R Group, LLC, in Washington, DC. The Human Resource Director of the company (Beatrice Cold) has asked for your assistance in human resource planning and recruitment, the development of a useful selection program, and improving performance standards with the company. These are the known facts that the Human Resource Director has communicated to you:

Each restaurant is dedicated to complete guest satisfaction. When customers arrive they should receive a warm welcome and a sincere smile. Whether a customer comes into the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner, they should find some of their favorite foods served in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. 

The problems that the restaurant has been having are that customers are complaining that they do not feel welcome when they come into the restaurant. The servers are rude, the food is not presented well, and some servers even show and express their annoyance if they do not receive a big enough tip. Many of the servers have had disciplinary warnings, with some on their final warning before termination. H & R will need to go on a hiring campaign to get some new servers for a select few of their restaurants. The goal is not to make the same or similar staffing selection mistakes. Ms. Cold would like you to work on developing specific selection measures. 

Create a Selection Measure Timeline and Job Analysis Interview Schedule for use with an incumbent.

Cold would like to know that a timeline is established for constructing the new selection measures. She is also grappling with the idea of what interview method to use and thought the job analysis interview would be a good tool since it would consist of a trained analyst asking questions about the duties and responsibilities, KSAs required, and conditions of employment for servers.

1. Compose a memo using the six (6) steps for developing selection measures outlined in your book. Develop a timeline for creating a new selection measure.  If you were to begin today, when would your new selection measure be ready for use?  Be realistic in your time estimates and provide a rationale for them.

2. Develop a Job Analysis Interview for a server. The document should include the following components:

o Important Job Tasks

o Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

o Physical Activities

o Environmental Conditions

o Typical Work Incidents

o Source of Job Information

o Supervisory Responsibilities

o Any other elements

After you have conducted the necessary research, prepare an intra-office memorandum to the Human Resource Director in which you address each step in the selection measure. Your memo:

1. Must be formatted using the elements of an inter-office memorandum: the Heading, which will include To: (who it will be addressing, From: (the memorandum will be written by you), Date: (date in which the memorandum is written), and the Re:  (what the memorandum is in regards to).

2. Must be typewritten in Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font, and with 1-inch margins.

3. Must be at least 2 pages in length.

4. Must include a minimum of three scholarly and credible sources (not including the textbook).

5. You will also prepare the Job Analysis Interview for review by the Human Resource Director. Your document must be formatted as follows:

6. APA formatting: Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font; 1-inch margins; Page numbers in the top right corner; Doubled spaced. 

7. Each part must follow the APA formatting guidelines for headings to separate and classify each section.  

8. Must be 1 pages of content.

Combine your Memo and Job Analysis Interview into one Microsoft Word document with a page break separating each document.


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