Case study – novo nordisk.

Assignment: Case Study – Novo Nordisk

Write a paper on Novo Nordisk culture using the writing criteria outlined in earlier writing assignments.

Read Case Study 14, Novo Nordisk, on page W-123 and answer the following questions. (Do not answer the review questions on page W-124.):

1.       What leadership styles dominate Novo Nordisk? What could it learn from other companies? Cite examples to support your opinion.

2.       How does the company’s leadership influence its organizational culture, promote its innovation program, and shape its competitive strategy?

3.       Describe the company’s philosophy in relation to transformational change, planned and unplanned change, and the strategy they’ve used to create change. How has planned or unplanned change affected their culture?

4.       How might Novo Nordisk’s cultural expectations and leadership enhance or limit their success


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