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HRIS Group term paper

The groups will be asked to write a paper based on an assigned case study. Paper must be between 7-10 pages not including cover page, table of content, reference page or any exhibits and must be APA format, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman. and have at least 1 peer reviewed journal or article as a reference. Because this assignment will be a group project please indicate your name on the table of contents next to your work. You will be graded on both individual as well as group effort. 

The following outline is suggested:
Facts of the Case. This should include all those significant factors that impact the situation. 

Key Issues. Based on your analysis of the facts of the case, determine what issues are affecting the organization and determine what decisions need to be made.
Alternatives/Options. What alternatives/options exist for each of these issues? Generate a set of alternatives for each action and compare the pros and cons of each, including any problems expected in implementing each alternative. 

Recommendations. State what strategic changes the organization could make and justify your choices. Itemize specific actions needed to implement your strategy, including any required to overcome anticipated obstacles. 


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