Structural and cultural violence | Political Science homework help

 What’s required is the following:
1.Look around with a critical eye to spot instances of structural and/or cultural violence(anywhere)
2.Analyze the instance by:
a. Outlining the problem you’ve identified as an example of S/CV.
b.Identify the elements that you think make it fit in our definition of S/CV.
c.Identify the perpetrators and victims.
d.Say something by way of a background to the problem (how did it come to be and how it has evolved over the years.
e.Discuss the (possible) consequences that have attended (could attend) the injustice identified on the victims and society.
f.Tell us how the injustice can be remedied, if at all.
g.Use the style used in the examples below (font, margins, indentation, etc.).

3. Give 4 examples of cultural/structural violence

Structural Violence refers to injustices perpetrated against individuals/groups (human or otherwise) that we can discern in the realm of structures/institutions, rules, or practices. These are process-oriented.  
An obvious example would be South Africa’s apartheid system that categorized people based on their ethnicity–a categorization that resulted in the withholding or granting of privileges in society based on ethnicity (and for the native African one that had existential consequences).  Another might be when insurance companies link the academic performance of high school students with insurance rates or when they link insurance rates with one’s credit rating. A third might be “three strikes”
laws in some states.
Cultural Violencerefers to injustices perpetrated against individuals/groups (human or otherwise) that we can discern in the realm of culture/cultural institutions, norms, or religious/social practices. These are a sort of permanent infrastructure, deep infrastructure. As a simple example, consider what happened to holy places and shrines of American Indians since Columbus arrived at the shores of North America.  Consider the debates about the “institution of marriage.”  
Consider the “dumb blonde” stereotype.  

Here are few examples you can look at to get what kind of paper you’ll be writing


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