Academic writing & research assignment (8 questions)


Case Study: The marketing of arts festivals

Jemma was interested in utilizing secondary data from her placement organization as part of her undergraduate research project on the marketing of arts festivals. In particular she was interested in:

· The extent to which audiences associated events with their sponsors;

· The socio-economic status of those attending;

· The importance of different media for finding out about events.

Her placement organization had undertaken a questionnaire survey with attendees at the local Arts festival and agreed that Jemma could use the data for her research project. The data had already been entered into a spreadsheet. A copy of a completed questionnaire is included in the attached photos. 



1. On looking at the questionnaire, Jemma noticed some problems with the way in which some questions had been coded.

a. What were these problems? (2 Mark)

b. How might these have been overcome at the survey design stage? (1 Mark)


a. Which of the questions were likely to be most useful to Jemma for her research project? (1 Mark)

b. How could Jemma have minimized the impact on her analysis of any coding problems with these questions? (1 Mark)

c. Which diagrams would you recommend Jemma to use to analyze questions 3 and 5? (1 Mark)

(You should state precisely what the recommended diagrams will enable Jemma to find out.)

3. After collecting the data, Jemma tried to analyze the correlation between the age of the festival attendees and the easiness to book/buy tickets. The results are presented in the graph below. Interpret and discuss the result found by Jemma. (1 Marks)



1. Describe the purpose of data analysis. (1 Mark) 

2. Why researchers need to interpret their results? (1 Mark)

3. What does hypothesis mean in research? Discuss the importance of hypothesis in a research. (1 Marks)

4. Discuss the steps involved in hypothesis testing. (2 Marks)

5. What are the different types of statistical analysis? (1 Mark)

Assignment  Instructions:

– Assignment is required to be 6-7 pages in length, which does not include the title page and reference pages.

APA style should be used

-Font will be: Times roman 12, and double space should be between lines

Below Reference must be used:

1.Business Research Methods by Donald R Cooper, 12th Edition.

Chapter 15 – Data Preparation and Description, PP 374-403

Chapter 16 – Exploring, Displaying and Examining Data, PP 404-427


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