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After reading Makhijani’s chapter “Bloodlines of Ghadar,” answer the questions in bold below:

  • What is the significance  of learning about the Ghadar Party in the present, and the ongoing work  of Kartar Dhillon and Ayesha Gill in the decades that followed and what  lessons do you consider important for us to carry forward, and why?
  • Reflect  on the method the author used in writing up a history in which the  stories of Kartar Dhillon and Ayesha Gill have mostly been left out of  the historical record. What might we learn from engaging the notion of  our community archives by building intergenerational relationships with  our elders, veteran organizers, and those younger to us in order to  circulate the story of our peoples in a way that remains in our control?  Why is this important? How might you engage your own family/community  about the past in order to better understand the present?
  • Your response should be at least 350      words total and no more than 500 words total. 
  • Be sure to cite each      of your readings at least once in your response using the Chicago Manual      of Style Author Date format. Every sentence you write that is not      your own personal opinion should have the author’s last name that you are      drawing on and the year of publication (which means pretty much every      sentence!). 
  • Use no more than one quote from the readings (focus on      paraphrasing). Quotes count towards your total word count.
  • Don’t forget to include paragraph breaks!

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