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Provide the final project plan for completing the project described below on time, on budget, and turned over to the owner.

The full project

You are the project manager for a $10,000,000 construction project to build the first buildings on a new satellite college campus. The construction contract calls for an eight-month construction time with a $1,000/day late penalty. The project is to build:

· a 2-lane entrance of.25 miles

· parking for 50 vehicles

· water and sewer connection

· a classroom building on a 60’ x 60’ single solid concrete slab for classrooms

· 6 classrooms configured with sound reducing sliding dividers that can allow for 2 large presentation rooms, each classroom is to be equipped with a ceiling mounted projector, an electronic screen at the ceiling (5’ x 8’) a fully electronic white board, 20 chairs and tables to accommodate the chairs, and a teaching podium with computer and electronic connection to enable displaying content on the screen, and a document camera also linked to the display system.

Develop a complete production plan including a detailed work progress schedule in Gantt chart format, materials list, subcontractors needed and for what work, your overall management approach, risk management plan, cost management plan, scheduling, resource management, control and closeout. The owner expects to hold weekly update meetings so a complete work breakdown by week will be required including all materials and subcontractors needed, and the cost of work completed each month for payment.


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