Case study: application of the skin care products: | Masters in Management


Hina is a fresh business graduate and works as an Assistant Manager Marketing in Fantasy Cosmetics, a leading manufacturer of skin care products. Hina has recently joined Fantasy Cosmetics and lacks practical exposure. To familiar Hina with the environment, routine work and in depth knowledge of the products, Fantasy Cosmetics expects her to work with all the departments for a week as a part of her orientation.

In the fourth week Hina had an opportunity to work with the department of Research & Development. She spent time with marketing research group and listened to the discussions with regular customers.

After a week Babar, Marketing Manager asks Hina to work on the packaging of the fairness cream that is to be launched next month. Babar instructs her to design and mentioning the desired results by applying the cream thrice a day. Hina is excited to get the first challenging task. Now, the time has come for Hina to prove herself.

When Hina starts working on the task given, she recalls that consumers interviewed by the department of Research and Development, revealed the fact that just one application a day really worked. She is confused and thinks that changing the actual facts on the packaging will increase the sales volume but will not benefit the consumers.


I. Do you think that it is unethical to recommend consumers to apply the fairness cream thrice a day if it really works by applying once? Justify

II. What should Hina do as she is working for a leading cosmetics manufacturer and has to prove herself by following the directions given? 


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