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Unit III PUA 5307


Mission Statement Presentation 

In this assignment, select a public  sector organization or nonprofit organization that you currently work  for or with, have previously worked for or with, or have a special  interest in, and assume that you are involved with the strategic  planning process for that organization. You are still in the initial  stages; however, your team has been tentatively assembled, and you have  agreed upon resource allocations, performance measures, and short-term  goals. At this point, you want to develop or update the organization’s  mission statement. Assume that you have not conducted a stakeholder  analysis yet, which you may want to do as you draft the mission  statement. 

For this assignment, you have the  option to create a PowerPoint presentation (with accompanying audio  components/portions) or a YouTube video to address each aspect of the  finalized mission statement (e.g., organization’s purpose, citizen  interest, and stakeholder needs), and you will need to provide your  rationale for why each aspect was added to the mission statement. You  should include at least four distinct components in the mission  statement, and the rationale for each of these four portions should  include a recorded oral explanation (no less than 25 seconds each). 

If you choose to create a PowerPoint  presentation, you will utilize the slide notes function to elaborate on  the information on each slide. Additionally, your PowerPoint  presentation must also include the previously mentioned audio components  to correspond with each mission statement component. 


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