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It is a integrative project that draws together experiences and insight from our field work and work in the academic courses. The goal of this project is to help students to build on both halves of their program and recognize the correspondence between intellectual engagement and ethical and vocational practice. To complete this assignment, students should complete a single essay in two parts: (1) Part one develops a theory of moral leadership. Using insights from all six courses, show the connection between leadership and your moral theory: in fifth of your moral theory, what is good leadership? Part 2: How does this apply to your leadership theory to a specific issue or question that arose in your field service. (we can use the case study from the trinity class). Identify that leadership and ethical question that issue raises: why, from a leadership and moral perspective does this issue stand out? Be sure to show how your leadership theory helps you identify what issues are important. Then use your leadership theory to offer a solution to that question.


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