Analysis of linear motion ( kinesiology )

Analysis of Linear Motion – MUST INCLUDE WORK CITED

Observe someone bowling (YouTube OK).

Part 1: List and describe 3 forces and how they apply to bowling. Each force should have 2 sentences describing the application. 

HINT: what forces act on the ball to make it move or not move? These are some types of forces:

  • Contact Forces: tension, support/normal, air resistance, spring, rotational torque, ground reaction
  • Distance Forces: gravitational, electrical, magnetic
  • Anatomical: muscular force

Part 2: List, define and then provide an example of how the following 5 concepts apply to the activity of bowling:  1-Inertia, 2-Impulse, 3-Work, 4-Kinetic Energy, 5-Momentum. Each concept should have at least 1 sentence defining it, and at least 1 sentence describing how it applies to bowling.  

Responses must be in your own words and sources cited. 


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