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In the last decade, many states have been challenged by lawsuits to remedy their broken and very dangerous systems of confining juvenile offenders. California, once regarded as “the pinnacle of juvenile justice practices” had declined so much so it became one of the worst in the nation. The State of Missouri recognized the problems they were having and closed the reform school in 1983, opting for a well-developed system of community-based residential and non-residential programs.

View the video Learning From Our Mistakes: Transforming Juvenile Justice in CA . What are your thoughts on the following quote? “Central to the humane care of troubled youth is a fundamental shift in the organizational culture away from containment, confrontation, and coercion and towards empathy, basic knowledge about adolescent mental and social development, and supportive relationships between staff and young people.” Does our change in focus from the individual to the structural aspects of the system provide greater insight into the continued criminal activity of the 4 teens in discussion 10? Would you agree (or not) that the 4 teens’ recidivism was shaped by the system they were made to go through?

Learning from our mistakes – https://amara.org/en/videos/M0TkZL3QbhWs/info/learning-from-our-mistakes-transforming-juvenile-justice-in-ca/

4 teens – https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/juvenile/


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