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Each DQ need to be between 175 to 250 words each. 

Unit 1

Comparing Q, P, and Hybrid Systems

Consider the comparative advantages of Q, P, and hybrid systems. Then  write an initial post for this discussion in which you identify  concrete examples where each is appropriate. That is, describe a  concrete example where a Q system would be appropriate, one where a P  system would be appropriate, and another where a hybrid system would be  appropriate.

DQ 2

Comparing Supply Chain Designs

For your  initial post in this discussion, compare and contrast the supply chain  design of two competing firms with distinctly different designs. Use the  strategic supply chain framework advanced by Masoumik in your analysis.

DQ 3

Inventory and Supply Chain Design Problems

After reading Chapters 9 and 12 in your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains  text, select one question from pages 369–371 in Chapter 9, and one  question from pages 502–504 in Chapter 12. Solve these two problems and  post your answers in the discussion area.


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