4-2 analysis paper: methods for evaluating innovation projects

 Using the technological innovation that you have selected for your final  project, consider each of the quantitative and qualitative methods that  were addressed in the textbook reading for choosing innovation  projects. For each method, briefly discuss the applicability of that  method for the business scenario provided for the final project.  Recommend a specific method or combination of methods to use for the  business scenario. Should you apply the recommendation, would the method  recommend the same innovation that you chose in your Final Project  Milestone One? Why or why not?  


I have  attached, the rubric for refrence,  

I have finished this assignment, I just need someone to make edits to my form so that it isn’t labeled as plagiarized. I need someone to re word some things and edit my document only so that this doesn’t come back as doesn’t plagiarize. I have attached the Module one document for reference.

Please do not offer to edit my document if you don’t understand the instructions. reference


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