Person of interest speech outline and speech assignment


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Outline: Person of Interest Speech

Prepare your outline using the attached Speech Outline Template. Submit your completed Speech Outline in this Module. The outline is worth 25 points and will be evaluated using the attached grading rubric.

This assignment is to assist in preparation for your upcoming Person of Interest Speech, due in Module 5. Please review that assignment prior to working on your outline.

Here is a link to the FSCJ Library’s APA Help Guide to assist with in-text citations for your outline.


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Speech Outline TemplatePreview the document

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Person of Interest Speech

This speech will be a 4–5 minute informative speech in which you will research—and then present—the life of a famous person. You may choose a celebrity, an athlete, a politician, a musician, etc. You may not use a relative or personal acquaintance. You may want to focus on that person’s background (childhood), awards, contributions, scandals, etc. This speech is worth 100 points.

You must use 3 valid research sources for this speech. You will reference these sources in-text in your outline and orally in your speech. (Please refer to the Assessing Sources and Oral Source Citation document.) You will turn in the final Outline and APA Reference Page.

This speech requires you to provide a self-review of your presentation. See assignment, Self-Review 1: Person of Interest Speech in this module.

assignment instructions and rubric attached below


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