Environmental injustice impeding health and happiness

 In this assignment, you will examine an example of Environmental Injustice and discuss how ethnicity and socioeconomic status are factors in this injustice. Instructions: • Research and find a recently published article or an accredited website (.org, .edu) that describes a current environmental injustice. Describe how particular minority groups or people of lower socioeconomic status are affected by this environmental injustice. • Find an additional resource that describes three (3) negative consequences of the environmental injustice or further proves there is a considerable problem negatively affecting the health and well-being of local citizens. Describe the lasting or long term consequences of the health concerns caused by exposure to degraded environmental conditions. Prove that this particular injustice is a concern by providing cases, statistics, or case studies demonstrating this is an ongoing concern in the United States or a specific country. Requirements: • Provide multiple pieces of supporting evidence in your claims, using at least two (2) scholarly resources formatted in APA. • Provide at least one (1) peer response that elaborates on your classmate’s ideas with further comment or observation, presents a relevant new idea or viewpoint for consideration, and raises a question, or politely offers an alternative perspective. • Post the assignment and your response to the Assignment Forum by the due dates listed above. 


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