After reading the keller and alsdorf text connecting your work

 After reading the Keller and Alsdorf text Connecting Your Work toGod’s Work EVERY GOOD ENDEAVOR, (1) describe 5 things that you found to be most important from the text, (2) list anything that you disagree with and why, and/or state why you agree with the text, and (3) explain how if a biblical worldview component was added to your research design, it would it change, or not change, your research approach. Be specific, and include at least 3 additional outside scholarly resources. The Keller and Alsdorf text will be your fourth resource, with the Bible, if used, counting as 1 resource (no matter how many times it is cited, and no matter how many different versions are used). The total word count must be at least 1000 words. ATTACHED ARE NOTABLE QUOTES FROM THE BOOK. 


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